The Benefits of Strong Connections in Relationships

Having strong connections with others is an important aspect of being human. It’s natural for us to want to form bonds with others and to feel a sense of belonging. But beyond just being a natural desire, the ability to form and maintain strong connections with others has many tangible benefits. One of the most…

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Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect Socially

Our brains are wired to connect socially, and this has been confirmed by a wealth of scientific research. This is not just a desire or a preference, but it is actually an essential part of being human. One of the key reasons why our brains are wired to connect socially is that it helps us…

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The Importance of Providing a Sense of Belonging in the Workplace

belonging in the workplace

Providing a sense of belonging in the workplace is essential for the success of any organization. It’s not just about making employees feel happy and fulfilled – although that is certainly a positive side effect – but it’s also about improving the overall performance and productivity of the company. According to a recent study by…

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