Accelerate authentic human connections.

Unleash the power of trust and belonging through anthym's unique, patent-pending personal storytelling experience – powered by music.

Trust + belonging = better performance.

Psychological Safety is the #1 criterion for high-performing teams, according to Project Aristotle's two-year evaluation of 180 teams. 

Highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability than their counterparts, as reported in the 2019 State of the American Workplace report.

Belonging leads to up to 56% increase in performance, 50% reduction in turnover risk & 75% decrease in sick days, as reported in a 2019 Belonging Report.


Authentic human connection at any scale.


Foster deeper connections among employees, increase team cohesion, and optimize performance across the organization via the anthym personal storytelling platform.


Whether a virtual or in-person conference, set the tone & quickly facilitate authentic connections among your attendees via one of the many anthym interactive ice-breakers or workshops.


Try our free 5 Moment Intro  – introduce yourself through 5 songs & moments special to you, on your way to building out the soundtrack of your life on the anthym platform.


The buzz around the anthym storytelling system & workshop...

The music acted as a time machine and immediately reconnected me with memories from my life.

Music helped introverts feel more comfortable to 'come out of their shell.'

Incredibly fun!

Provided the structure and safety for personal storytelling.

Sharing moments & memories using music as the 'door opener’ helped fast-track authentic connections.

Speed of connection was incredible – super easy to skip the small talk & 'get real.'

Amazed at how quickly people became vulnerable.

Music is the universal language of mankind.

– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Try the 5 Moment Intro

The 5 Moment Intro is one of many storytelling methods now available via the anthym storytelling platform.

The 5 Moment Intro is designed to help you introduce yourself through 5 songs & moments that matter to you, using a unique & fun song wizard and memory catalog. In addition to the 5 Moment Intro, members can build out the entire soundtrack of their lives in an immersive, musical storytelling experience. 

Feel free to create your free 5 Moment Intro today!

Ready to accelerate authentic human connections?

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