Build connected teams.

We help build deeply connected teams
using the power of music & other
cultural touch points.

Are you sure? Existing solutions suck at real connection.


Survey Tools

“Sweet. Another stale survey to blindly
fill out, as if I'm a robot.
C. C. C. C. Submit.
Nap time!”


Activity Platforms

“Awesome. I won team trivia for the 8th time. And Dave got lit again on our weekly
Zoom happy hour.”


Gamified EE

“Oh, yay. I won another digital badge.
That’ll really get me psyched
about work.”


Digital Watercoolers

“Great. Another virtual coffee meetup
in Slack. Good times. And Sheila doesn't even drink coffee."

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How we do it.

We leverage a one-of-a-kind connection framework, which taps into inspirational media like music, to evoke memories and help people reflect on and catalog those memories, on the way to sharing their authentic life stories.

Those memories are cataloged on the anthym platform and then brought to life in a facilitated sharing session that transcends traditional connection experiences, creating meaningful, authentic connections among participants.

Beyond the initial anthym experience, you can subscribe to a library of connection experiences, called Jamtracks, which are auto-delivered to your team, group or community at your desired cadence. Set it & Forget it!

Inspire your people with anthym.

connected teams

Team connection & bonding

Are you seeing lack of authentic connection or signs of loneliness & isolation on your hybrid team?

Looking to welcome new team members, foster connections & create a sense of belonging right away?

connected teams

Launch & refresh teams

Looking to kickstart your team's next journey with purpose, cameraderie and energy?

connected teams

Sales kickoff

Need to set the tone at your next Sales Kickoff with a unique & refreshing connection activity?

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office holiday party

Amp up your holiday party with anthym!

The holidays are right around the corner. Looking for a fresh & fun idea for this year's office party? Then, look no further!

anthym's Soundtrack of Your Life office connection experience is a sure hit, proven to bring people closer together through the time-machine-like power of music & stories.

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The soul behind the role.

New hire welcome programs & employee user manuals prep'd with a scoop of humanity and a sprinkle of AI.

We took all of our learnings and success with our team connection offering and just launched Welcome, which focuses exclusively on humanizing new hire onboarding, combining our proven music & cultural touchpoints model with GenAI to create the next evolution of employee user manuals.

The results are off-the-charts.

average NPS from participants in the anthym intro experience


report an immediate increase in connection with teammates


report anthym as the most impactful connection experience ever

connected teams

"Belonging and trust are the foundations for high performing teams and anthym provided a unique and authentic opportunity for creating community in our virtual classroom."

Dr. Josh Armstrong | Gonzaga University | Organizational Leadership
Assistant Professor

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Delivering happy outcomes.

connected teams

Increase in Psychological Safety

Creating a workplace culture of psychological safety among co-workers not only fosters open communication and creative problem-solving, but also leads to increased job satisfaction and employee retention.

connected teams

Sense of Belonging & Inclusion

Creating a sense of belonging and inclusion among co-workers is essential for building a positive and productive work environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

connected teams

Heightened Collaboration

Collaboration among co-workers not only leads to a more productive and successful work environment, but it also fosters a sense of camaraderie and teamwork that makes coming to work more enjoyable.

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Improving organizational well-being.

connected teams

Reduce first 90-day voluntary turnover

According to Gallup, building highly connected teams with strong authentic bonds is a primary factor in reducing 90-day voluntary turnover, as it leads to increased engagement, satisfaction, and commitment to the organization.

connected teams
connected teams

Increase overall

According to SHRM, a strong culture and sense of connection within an organization can improve retention by promoting engagement, commitment, and satisfaction among employees, which in turn can lead to lower turnover rates.

connected teams
connected teams


According to Forbes, building connected teams can improve productivity by fostering a sense of trust, cooperation, and collaboration, which can lead to better communication, problem-solving, and decision-making.

connected teams
connected teams


According to Harvard Business Review, strong co-worker bonds can increase eNPS by promoting a sense of belonging, engagement, and trust which can lead to higher levels of satisfaction, commitment and advocacy for the organization.

connected teams

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anthym is the connection community.

connected teams

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Connected Team?

Use our free calculator to determine your team's high level Connection Quotient (CQ).

connected teams

Join Our Connection

Born from our Connectapalooza event, this community is all about Connection.

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anthym Intro Experience

Music + Stories = A Blast!  See how we help transform teams!

No shortage of customer love...

Jackie Mohr | Zillow
Associate General Counsel

The anthym experience was an extremely powerful team connection experience.  Simple, fun and deep - a combination that most team cohesion experiences aren't able to accomplish.  Highly recommended!

Ryan Edwards | Silicon Valley Bank
Managing Director

I have never experienced such a deep connection in a meeting of co-workers. Having the experience with anthym was so therapeutic. The ability to learn people’s background gave me a new love for who my colleagues are, and not just the work that they do. This type of connection is what life is about.

Jennnifer Russo | Banner Health
Senior Director of HR Strategy

There’s little more powerful than music to feel, connect and heal on the deepest levels. anthym’s workshop provided a much needed respite for our team to do all of these things, and more. I recommend anthym to anyone looking to build deeper connections.

Dave Rauch | Daily Table
Founder & CEO

I've spent over 40 years looking for a great, effective way to accelerate the trust and relationships that are fundamental to a healthy business culture. While at Trader Joe's, and now at Daily Table, I've participated in numerous workshops and "experiences" that attempt to bond and form real connections as a group.  I've never seen such a successful embrace of a process, and such a positive result as we recently had with the anthym virtual workshop. It brought our board and office team together in an effective, yet time efficient process. Everyone loved it! If you're looking for a smart way to strengthen the level of connection and trust among your teammates, I recommend anthym enthusiastically.  You'll love it!

Kristen Beckman | iMemories
VP of Human Resources

The anthym experience came to us at just the right time.  It was an impactful team-building session that we definitely needed after a long busy season.  The insights and experiences we shared will last with us for a long time.  We are excited to look for other ways to include this platform into our employee development and onboarding programs.  It was so fresh and so new and not like anything else I’ve ever experienced in my 20+ year HR career.

Jon Schafer | Remarkable Health
VP of Customer Experience

As an avid concert-goer music has a big place in my life, so naturally I was thrilled when a music-based team building exercise was proposed to our leadership team. From the moment I started the assignment I was hooked on this concept! I thought “I get to use meaningful songs that evoke emotions/memories, and share them with my peers”?  Learning about my peers using this method was not only fun but felt very easy for everyone involved…Kudos for creating a super simple and rewarding experience.

Nicole Vitale | West Point Association of Graduates
Director of Alumni Events & Operations

This new and exciting platform takes you on a musical journey while reflecting on meaningful moments in your life and then allowing you to share those moments with others. The experience allowed for memories and emotions to strengthen connections with teammates in a very impactful and delightful way. Perfect for companies, reunions, family gatherings, shared interest groups, etc. This is one musical experience you do not want to miss.

Elizabeth Fisk | ARA
VP of Human Resources

As the HR team for Applied Research Associates, we have the opportunity to participate in and organize team building activities for our company. The anthym experience was different from anything we’ve done before! It stimulated us to think about our histories, our stories, and share them through music in a very meaningful way. Our team is close-knit already, but this brought us even closer as we learned something new about one another. The anthym experience is a wonderful way to help us reflect and connect outside the day to day work experience, and it opens the door for deepening relationships of trust on a team.

Dr. Josh Armstrong | Gonzaga University | Organizational Leadership
Assistant Professor

We integrated anthym into an online graduate team building course – the learning related to storytelling, connection, and trust resonated deeply with our students. Belonging and trust are the foundations for high performing teams and anthym provided a unique and authentic opportunity for creating community in our virtual classroom.  Music connects deeply with our lived experiences and this platform provided a safe environment to share these meaningful moments.

Brian Burkhart | SquarePlanet
Founder & CEO

Creating authentic, valuable connections with other like-minded people in your industry is half the reason organizations hold events. Unlike so many other attempts, anthym was instant, deep and fun. The people I met are now fully integrated into my network, we have engaging conversations built on an initial connection that actually mattered; anthym did that. Highly recommended!

Adam Goodman | Goodmans Interior Structures

We found anthym to be a fast track for instigating meaningful conversations between people who might not otherwise connect beyond a collegial level. For some reason, people are more comfortable being vulnerable and sharing life stories when it's in the context of talking about music. Employees who have known each other for over a decade are, for the first time, learning about their colleagues’ most prideful accomplishments, aching love affairs, and disappointing heartaches.

Julie Phillips | Bryan University
VP Employee Excellence

The anthym experience was such a unique and engaging way to break down some of the virtual barriers that often dehumanize communication between colleagues. Even if you don't have a love of music, when I reflected back on moments in my life, certain artists and songs came to mind and it somehow brought my personal stories to life and drew parallels for others that allowed us to connect on a personal level. We saw each other as humans rather than employees in certain roles. It really brought out everyone's authentic self and created meaningful connections, especially during this time of social distancing!

Shawn Olds | boodleAI

We found anthym to be a fast track for instigating meaningful conversations between people who might not otherwise connect beyond a collegial level. For some reason, people are more comfortable being vulnerable and sharing life stories when it's in the context of talking about music. Employees who have known each other for over a decade are, for the first time, learning about their colleagues’ most prideful accomplishments, aching love affairs, and disappointing heartaches.

Patrick Shelton | Benefit Plans Plus, LLC
Chief Believer

Our company, Benefit Plans Plus, recently partook in a team-building event hosted by anthym and it was an exhilarating experience. It turned introverts into storytellers, talkers into listeners, and created moments of unity, understanding, respect, and engagement between co-workers. I learned more about one of my colleagues in 10 minutes than I had in many years of service with them. anthym is such a valuable platform for its unique ability to bridge the gaps between people and form tighter bonds, and we are already reaping the benefits of our session.

Matt Likens | GT Med Tech
President & CEO

Approximately two months ago I became aware of anthym, a program designed to bring people together by sharing select life experiences in combination with the music most meaningful to them while navigating through these experiences. What a brilliant idea! Brian Mohr was an outstanding facilitator of the process. Feedback from the team post-anthym was also unanimous. POSITIVE! This proved to be an effective way to bring our team together in-person following the 15 months of COVID distancing. We will definitely plan on doing this again and are considering a wider roll-out within our organization.

Jaede Ohlrich | Asurion
VP of Leadership Development

anthym enabled a connection for my globally dispersed team. The workshop was a way to create personal connections illustrated in the music in our hearts and minds. It was fun to see the genres across the team, connection to songs and capture a unique playlist that represented the life journey of our team. We continue to leverage our experience to keep connections going as we learn more about each other’s life moments illustrated through songs. A unique and impactful experience I highly recommend to teams!

connected teams

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