Welcoming Dr. Matthew Lieberman to anthym’s Scientific Advisory Council

Albert Einstein once said, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” This quote has special resonance with the anthym team, especially on a day like today. Two years ago, Jeremy Gocke and I began the journey of building a company whose sole purpose was to help bring people closer together. Given that most adults spend upwards of 2/3 of our lives at work, the workplace felt like the best environment to bring our purpose to life.

Our initial success came from a logical solution to a big problem – helping leaders of teams build, nurture, and strengthen culture in a remote-first world through the focused development of critical human skills like; connection, trust, and a sense of belonging. While we still have much to learn, we feel that we can check the ‘logic’ box, at least for now.

The bigger opportunity to bring our purpose to life exists in our imagination. And, part of our imagination includes building out a new system of measurement to help leaders understand their teams’ level of connectedness. We believe that the more connected a team is with each other, the better the business results AND the better the human results.

I am overjoyed to welcome Matthew Lieberman as the first member of anthym‘s Social Science Advisory Council. After reading Dr. Lieberman’s Book, “Social: Why Are Brains Are Wired to Connect”, I knew we needed to do everything we could to bring him into the anthym universe. Thank you, Matt – we are thrilled to be in your orbit!

Stay tuned for more exciting info in the weeks and months ahead.


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