Measuring the connectedness of your people.

Meet the Connection Quotient (CQ)

anthym will become the new system of measurement as it relates to the connectedness of company culture. If IQ measures intelligence, and EQ measures emotional intelligence, then CQ measures the level of connectedness of a company’s people.

Unique method of leveraging inspirational media & experiential stimuli to evoke memory

Proprietary system for cataloging life memories & experiences

Innovative emotional tagging methodology derived from Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

Patent-pending connection matching algorithm & measurement framework


CQ Surfaces Key Culture & Engagement Signals

The power of personal connections at work is, in large part, grossly untapped by businesses. It's ironic, considering that 79% of engaged employees cite relationships with co-workers as the top condition for being engaged. Connection leads to engagement, and engagement leads to performance.

Backed by science.

Dr. Matthew Lieberman

Member - Anthym Science Advisory Council

"What anthym is doing is really essential.  People don’t have the level of meaningful connections in the workplace that they would like to.  Frankly, there is a loneliness epidemic that occurs both outside and inside of work.  anthym has created a great way to help people really get to know and deepen the connections they have with the people they work with.”

harvard – ph.d., psychology

director – ucla social cognitive neuroscience lab

author – social: why our brains are wired to connect

Dr. Elizabeth Margulis

Member - Anthym Science Advisory Council

"Research in music cognition often explores the relationship between music and social bonding. It’s exciting to link these ideas with real-world applications, such as anthym’s aspiration to foster connections in the workplace and beyond.”

Columbia University – ph.d.

director – Princeton Music Cognition lab

author – On Repeat: How Music Plays the Mind

author – The Psychology of music

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