anthym tutorial & features preview.

This tutorial page will provide a quick overview of anthym's main features and instructions on how to complete your 5 Moment Intro.

5 Moment Intro Tutorial Video

Ready to create your 5 Moment Intro?

Are you ready to take a trip down
memory lane?

We’re excited to deliver the anthym virtual workshop to you and your teammates at your upcoming event!  Leveraging the power of personal storytelling, aided by music, the anthym platform helps the members of a team catalog the most important, memorable, and pivotal moments from their lives.


The platform is brought to life through our facilitated experiential virtual workshops where you will be matched up with a group of your teammates in small breakout rooms to share a sampling of your life moments and the songs that represent them. Have no fear - you are in control of the moments and songs you choose to share. You can go as shallow or as deep as you wish - it’s totally up to you.


This video will walk you through the process of creating your 5 Moment Intro, which is the starting place for building your anthym profile.

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