One-of-a-kind team connection experience.
It all starts with taking a quick trip down memory lane...

Each member of the team reflects on and catalogs important life moments & experiences by completing our introductory module called The 5 Moment Intro.

How it works:

  • The team leader creates a group & invites members to join
  • Members signup with their work email addresses
  • Members listen to or search for songs to spark memory
  • Members catalog 5 moments & songs special to them
Brought to life in a guided sharing experience.
Whether your team is fully remote, in-office or hybrid, we have a format that delivers.

An anthym certified facilitator will host the session and guide your team through a truly unique & transformational team connection activity.

  • Importance of storytelling & team connection – (10 min)
  • Team trivia icebreaker – (10 Min)
  • Guided moment-sharing activity in breakout rooms – (30 min)
  • Team connection “How-to’s” beyond the live experience – (10 min)
Stay connected beyond the live experience.
Take advantage of group features & additional team connection modules.

The anthym Intro offering includes an annual license for all team members to the basic features & functionality of the anthym platform.


  • Add unlimited moments to one's personal anthym
  • Access to group connection & communications tools
  • Create group moments highlighting the team's journey
  • Discover & interact with other members in the public network