office holiday party

Amp up your office holiday party with anthym!

The holidays are right around the corner. Looking for a fresh & fun idea for this year's office holiday party?
Then, look no further!

anthym's Soundtrack of Your Life office connection experience is a sure hit, proven to bring people closer together through the time-machine-like power of music & stories.

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The Soundtrack of Your Life

the 5 Memory Soundtrack

The intro to The Soundtrack of Your Life is The 5 Memory Soundtrack. Leveraging the time-machine-like power of music, each member of your team will take a trip down their life’s memory lane and catalog 5 memories that hold a special place of significance  – prior to the facilitated session. And, each memory will be symbolized by the music that was ‘playing in the background’ – in a sense, building a mini ‘soundtrack of their life.'

office holiday party

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