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Meet anthym, a fresh new experience that creates authentic, long-lasting human connections essential to building cohesive, high-performing teams.


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Kristen Beckman - iMemories

"anthym was so fresh and so new – not like anything else I've experienced in my 20+ year HR career."

Kristen Beckman | VP Human Resources – iMemories

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Accelerate authentic connections. Supercharge relationships.

How, you ask? With anthym, of course!
The best human connection experience on the planet.

Seriously – it is.  anthym's unique, guided personal storytelling modules & facilitated sharing experiences help members of a team get to vulnerability & trust faster than anything else in the market.


"I have never experienced such a deep connection in a meeting of co-workers. Having the experience with anthym was so therapeutic."

Ryan Edwards | Managing Director – Silicon Valley Bank

Foster trust and accelerate authentic team member connections
Embrace new hires and create an immediate sense of belonging
Create opportunities for meaningful, serendipitous virtual collisions
Inspire a culture of community with ongoing connection & sharing activities

[ Why This Matters ]

Trust + belonging = better performance.

The power of personal connections at work is, in large part, grossly untapped by businesses. It's ironic, considering that 79% of engaged employees cite relationships with co-workers as the top condition for being engaged.  Connection leads to engagement, and engagement leads to performance.


Psychological Safety is the #1 criterion for high-performing teams, according to Project Aristotle's two-year evaluation of 180 teams.


Highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability than their counterparts, as reported in the 2019 State of the American Workplace report.


Belonging leads to up to 56% increase in performance, 50% reduction in turnover risk & 75% decrease in sick days, as reported in a 2019 Belonging Report.

[ The Anthym Experience ]

Human connection reimagined.

We help people surface & tell their authentic stories, facilitate sharing those stories with colleagues in a safe & trusting environment, and foster a culture of connection with ongoing, meaningful connection activities scheduled via our platform.

[ Storytelling ]
Building better storytellers

We all have an authentic story to tell. But telling that story effectively can be difficult or uncomfortable for most of us. anthym's storytelling wizard guides you through the process by using experiential triggers like music, movies, books & other inspirational media to help surface and document pivotal or impactful moments & experiences in your life – your own personal life anthym. It's truly like taking a trip down memory lane – there's nothing else quite like it. Your anthym then becomes the sharing bridge to build deeper, more authentic connections with others.

[ Sharing ]
A sharing experience like no other

Once members of a group or team have completed their initial intro stories, leaders can choose to schedule story-sharing sessions between members via two delivery experiences. First, an anthym certified facilitator can lead & deliver a one-of-a-kind, 60-minute virtual team building experience using your video call platform of choice. Second, leaders may schedule ongoing virtual meetups between individuals or groups of members via the anthym platform. Either way, the depth and speed of connection reached will be unlike anything you've ever experienced before.

[ Connection ]
Good relationships are foundational to all accomplishment

The days of sharing morning coffee in the kitchen, random collisions in the hallway, or grabbing lunch are gone. "New normal" alternatives like Zoom happy hours, virtual trivia, or auto-scheduled "watercooler" breaks on Slack are nice for breaking up the day and casual check-ins. But how well do people really get to know each other during these casual interactions? The anthym experience goes far beyond the casual with a proven method of using shared life moments & experiences to build a connection bridge of unparalleled depth & authenticity. The typical reaction goes something like this: "I've learned more about Desiree in the past 20-minutes than in two years sitting alongside her in the office."

[ Community ]
Your people are your superpower

A community that fosters a sense of belonging is needed now more than ever. Social isolation has created an epidemic of loneliness and mental exhaustion that only a community of truly connected & inspired people can alleviate. Beyond the initial anthym experience, leaders can set up company or team groups and invite members to participate in additional storytelling & sharing experiences available in anthym's library, or create custom experiences using a simple wizard. Think of it as your own "inspiration community," where members share the moments, experiences, traditions and inspirations that have shaped who they are.

[ Insights ]
Know your people like family

anthym is pioneering insights-driven compatibility measurement in the workplace and beyond. At a high level, leaders will get to know their people better via anthym than any other channel. You'll better understand and connect with the human beings behind the titles by learning about the life experiences that have shaped who they are and what inspires them to do what they do. Behind the scenes, anthym will deliver compatibility insights that you can activate to strengthen existing teams and build new, all-star teams. Simply put, no other platform in the world can surface & deliver these unique insights.

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Your new best friend on the team.

Now that you know how anthym works, here's a snapshot of how our clients are using anthym to build, strengthen and inspire their teams to reach new levels of connection, camaraderie & community in their organizations.

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