anthym storytelling system

The 5 Moment Intro

Introduce yourself through 5 life moments & songs – on the way to building the soundtrack of your life.


1. Quick Signup

Get started fast by logging in with your email, Facebook or Twitter account.  Get ready to introduce your story through the 5 moments most special to you.


2. Song Selection

Choose from a variety of music genres, then scroll through or search for songs until you find 5 songs that inspired, represented or defined your moments.


3. Add Moments

When a specific song sparks a memory, you can label & timestamp that moment. Feel free to describe the importance of that moment, if you'd like.


4. View & Share

When you've added 5 moments & songs, you'll be able to view your very own anthym and share your anthym on social or via email. Ready to start?  Let's jam!

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