Loneliness costs companies $154B annually.

Learn how anthym eradicates loneliness inside organizations.

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Music + Stories = Sense of Belonging

anthym has found that building genuine & authentic connections is the key to creating a sense of belonging, which in turn helps eradicate feelings of loneliness & isolation.

We do it through a unique recipe of inspirational media like music to help people reflect on and share their important & meaningful life memories & experiences with their colleagues.

Our Music + Memories + Stories formula is proven to create deep levels of connection & increase inclusion inside organizaions.

sense of belonging

Immediate Sense of Belonging

sense of belonging

Fast-track to Productive Impact

sense of belonging

Better Long-term Retention

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Sense of Belonging

"anthym was so fresh and so new – not like anything else I've experienced in my 20+ year HR career."

Kristen Beckman | VP Human Resources – iMemories


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