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The most powerful Lifeline experience on the planet.

The team at anthym has up-leveled the Lifeline process for peer to peer forums to include the time machine-like and universal accessibility of MUSIC!  Take a trip down your life memory lane, and the life memory lane of your forum members, using anthym’s music-inspired Life Memory platform.

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peer to peer forums

Forums have been a critical part of my leadership journey for the past 25 years. So when I created a company to optimize the forum experience I went looking for tools that would accelerate intimacy and transparency among our CEO members. Anthym’s lifeline experience was transformational. The platform helped my friends connect more deeply with their own stories and more intimately with the memories and experiences of their forum mates. If you are still operating with the old version of the lifeline process, do yourself a big favor and upgrade to anthym's lifeline platform - you'll thank me for it, I promise.

G. Michael Maddock | CEO
Maddock & Douglas | Flourish Forums

peer to peer forums

Throughout my YPO forum journey, the lifeline exercise has proven to be one of the most powerful experiences to foster connection, trust and belonging amongst the members. The thought of changing the way we do lifeline exercises never entered my mind until I experienced anthym's version. Using music to take a trip down your life's memory lane is brilliant! Not only did I learn more about my forum members, I experienced their emotional highs and lows as if it happened to me. If you are still doing lifelines the old way, I can't recommend strongly enough to up-level your forum's lifeline experience with anthym - trust me, you'll LOVE it!

Amish Shah | CEO
Kem Krest

peer to peer forums

"As an experienced member of YPO and other business-oriented peer forums, the lifeline exercise is one of the most important relationship and trust-building experiences that contributes to a healthy and productive forum. I've done more lifeline exercises than I can count. The anthym experience not only digitized the old school, analog version of the lifeline, it introduced a new and more powerful way of connecting forum members by leveraging the time machine-like and universally accessible power of music. Somehow, the inclusion of music helps connect the real emotions of the lifeline moment with all participants in a very personal way. I can't recommend anthym's lifeline experience strongly enough!”

Marc Blackman | CEO
Gold Eagle Co


Transform your Forum Lifeline experience.

peer to peer forums

The Old School Analog Lifeline:

Clunky format doesn't evoke deep, reflective stories

Inconsistent – no way to efficiently add & share future life experiences

Decentralized – no way to store & share with future members

Usually treated as a one-and-done experience

Void of the emotional power of music

peer to peer forums

The anthym Lifeline Experience:

Inspire ALL members to tell an evocative story

Connect more deeply via the universal accessibility of music

More than life’s highs & lows – create the Soundtrack of Your Life

Your life memories don’t stop after you’ve delivered your Lifeline

Your Forum will have its own private portal for Lifeline sharing

The Lifeline Share.

Interested in a facilitated Lifeline sharing experience for your Peer to Peer Forum?

The facilitated session focuses on The 5 Memory Soundtrack, which is the introductory self-reflective exercise that becomes the building block for the more comprehensive Lifeline.

The 5 Memory Soundtrack is brought to life in a 60 to 90 minute facilitated group experience led by one of our anthym certified consultants.  It's an amazing trip down memory lane and is proven to bring people closer together.  People leave fully energized, happy, and in some cases, profoundly transformed.

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