The most powerful onboarding experience on the planet.

Accelerate the feeling of connection and sense of belonging for your new teammates with anthym's one-of-a-kind new hire onboarding experience.

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Imagine joining a new team and not meeting the majority (or any) of your new teammates in-person.


This is today’s onboarding reality.

Welcome your new team members with an onboarding experience like no other.

the 5 Memory Intro

Leveraging a unique combination of life memories and music, engage your new team members with a powerful onboarding experience that will give them a chance to share more about who they are, not just what they do.

Accelerate time-to-productivity

Help your existing team learn more about their new teammates

Better collaboration and cohesion

Reduce unnecessary voluntary attrition

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Take advantage of the best team connection experience on the planet - the anthym 5 Memory Intro Team Sharing Workshop.

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