The Other Side Of Me

Brian Mohr dives into the rarely heard life moments and stories from some of the most respected and admired leaders, artists, and outliers.

The Other Side Of Me surprises and delights both the guests and the listeners with a potpourri of topics and questions that will leave you inspired to reflect on the moments and stories that have shaped your life's journey.

Enjoy our past episodes.

The episodes below were recorded by Brian under the Built On Purpose podcast brand, which he has now repurposed to The Other Side Of Me.

Episode 49 – Chip Conley

Founder of Modern Elder Academy

Episode 48 – Lauren Bailey

CEO of Upward Projects

Episode 47 – Alexander McCobin

CEO of Conscious Capitalism

Episode 46 – Rob Kelly

CEO of Ongig

Episode 45 – Garry Ridge

CEO of the WD-40 Company

Episode 44 – Cameron Herold

The CEO Whisperer

Episode 43 – Luke Larson

President of Axon (fka TASER)

Episode 42 – Ben Brooks

Founder & CEO of PILOT

Episode 41 – Craig DeMarco

Founder of Upward Projects

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