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Thank you for leading the coordination efforts of the anthym virtual workshop! This page will provide you with all of the information and resources you need to effectively communicate the steps leading up to the workshop.


Steps to help your team prepare for the
anthym workshop

As the coordinator of the anthym workshop, there are two (2) specific steps that need to be completed:


Select a date/time for the hour-long virtual workshop


Ask each member of your team to create their individual 5 Moment Intro.

Recommended anthym workshop email templates

Announcing the anthym virtual workshop

Hi everyone,

I’m excited to share that our team will be participating in a virtual team cohesion workshop on <insert date/time> facilitated by the team at anthym. The virtual workshop is a one-of-a-kind experience that leverages the unique power of personal storytelling, aided by music, to help build trust, belonging and connection. There is one simple step required prior to the virtual workshop:

Create your 5 Moment Intro - click this link to watch a brief video tutorial on how to create your unique 5 Moment Intro and then begin the process of creating yours

Please allow yourself 20-30 minutes to create your 5 Moment Intro. As the old cliché goes, the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. I’m looking forward to the workshop - please reach out to me with any questions. Thanks, everyone!

Reminder -  the anthym virtual workshop

Hi everyone,

We are less than <insert timeframe> away from the anthym virtual workshop. If you haven’t completed your 5 Moment Intro, please visit this link to get started. Please don’t wait until the last minute - thanks, everyone!

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