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    Tag emotions or moods
    12 months agoapproved0
    First, this site/idea is awesome! It would be great to be able to tag my moments with emotions or moods I was feeling at the time.
  • 6
    Edit 5 song track
    12 months agoapproved1
    Soooo...I’m kinda indecisive. As I went along I found songs that were even MORE representative of a moment than one I previously picked. Maybe I missed how to do it, but I’d love to be able to swap ou... Read more...
  • 5
    Add song from friend's lifetrack
    12 months agoopen0
    It would be nice to have the ability to grab/copy a song i discover on a friend's lifetrack and add that song + my moment to my lifetrack, right there in the moment.
  • 4
    Expanding Beyond Music
    12 months agoapproved0
    I'd love to be able to add a few specific TED talks to my lifetrack timeline - these talks have been very powerful and have influenced the way I view the world.
  • 3
    Group Lifetrack
    12 months agoreviewed0
    Ability to create and share a group lifetrack.
  • 1
    Move Search Tool
    11 months agoopen0
    Move the song search tool up at the same place as where select genre of music to play is located
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    Able to create through Insta or othe rPlatform
    11 months agoopen0
    My daughters would love to do this - but they don't have facebook accounts. Choose entry point more relevant to their age group.
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    Search with Edit
    12 months agoopen1
    I searched for Bay City Rollers, got nothing. Then searched Saturday Night and it auto added the wrong song (Bee Gees). I was not even aware I had added 2 songs. These are not the songs I want to add,... Read more...
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    Back button
    12 months agoopen1
    I accidentally clicked next on a song I really wanted included!
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    Add some simple instructions
    11 months agoopen0
    On the website under the picture card on left - have some simple instructions or helps links. Ex: How to delete a song, how to search for a song. etc.
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    Add More Categories
    11 months agoopen0
    Need to go above "My 30's" - mamma is in her 40s 🙂
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    No time frame
    8 months agoopen0
    There are songs that are impactful to our complete life, not just a particular time frame.
  • 0
    Song Search Tool
    12 months agoopen1
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